Friday, September 4, 2009

Newsletter – September 2009

Krishna's Mercy

Celebrate Dussehra With Us

Celebrate Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana with us on Monday, September 28th. God personally comes to earth from time to time in order to deliver the pious and punish the miscreants. As Rama, the Lord incarnated as a pious prince, the son of the king of Ayodhya. Exiled to the forest at the order of His father, Rama suffered an even greater calamity with the kidnapping of his wife Sita by the Rakshasa demon Ravana. Along with His army of Vanaras, headed by Hanuman, the Lord and His brother Lakshmana marched to Ravana’s city of Lanka to rescue Sita. After days of fighting, Ravana was finally defeated and killed by Rama’s arrows. This auspicious occasion, marking the triumph and victory of God, has been celebrated ever since. On Dussehra day, we will have a special article dedicated to the Lord. We invite everyone to come and visit our website and Facebook page on that day to offer prayers and well-wishes. For those of you who use Facebook, we have set up a special Facebook Event, which can be accessed on our Fan Page underneath the “Events” tab. We kindly request everyone to RSVP to this event and invite your friends. Jai Shri Ram!


Our Facebook Page continues to increase in Fans and participation. In the month of August, we added another 5,000 plus fans, putting our current total over 10,000. Words can’t express how grateful we are to have the association of such kind devotees. Krishna is so merciful and compassionate to everyone. We feel blessed to be able to share our love for Him with so many others. According to the statistics, we are averaging over 1,500 interactions per week on our page. These include user comments, likes, and wall posts. We thank everyone for participating and we hope you will continue to provide us your feedback.

Feedback From Our Prasadam and Book Distribution Program

Aside from publishing our daily articles on the website, we also donate Krishna related literature to troops serving overseas. While sending ordinary care packages can certainly boost morale, we feel there is no higher gift one can give in this life than that of Krishna prema.

Here is some recent feedback from people who received our Krishna Care Packages:

“I have just received your letter and the book. I can't thank you enough for your support and kind words. The book seems to be very interesting. I will definitely take it to work with me so I can read it on my downtime. Thank you again. It means a lot and feels very nice to be supported in such a way. ” (Cpl Candice)