Monday, August 3, 2009

Newsletter – August 2009


Festival Month

August is a month full of important festivals this year with the appearance day of Lord Balarama falling on Wednesday August 5th, the appearance day of Shrila Prabhupada on Friday August 14th, and the appearance day of Shrimati Radharani occurring on Thursday August 27th. The biggest festival of them all is Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna, which occurs on Thursday August 13th. This is the equivalent of Christmas Holiday for Vaishnavas, except it is celebrated on an even grander scale. Temples and devotees around the world celebrate this occasion, for it marks the anniversary of when the Lord personally advented on earth to give protection to His devotees. On Janmashtami Day, we will commemorate the occasion by having a special article devoted to Krishna’s birth. We encourage everyone to visit our website and our Facebook page where they can leave prayers and other well-wishes for the Lord. If you are having your own celebration at home or at your local temple, please send us some pictures if you like, and we will share them with our website visitors and Facebook fans. Jaya Shri Krishna!


The Krishna’s Mercy Facebook Page has grown immensely in popularity. 5,680 people become fans during the month of August. It is so nice to be able to share our love for Krishna with so many devotees across the world. We appreciate all the support and we look forward to connecting with even more devotees in the future.

Our Blog on Kindle

Our daily articles are now available at the Amazon Kindle Store. The Kindle wireless device reader lets you read and store thousands of ebooks, newspaper articles and blogs all on one small portable device. Visit for more information.

Feedback From Our Prasadam and Book Distribution Program

Here is some recent feedback from troops serving overseas who received our Krishna Care Packages:

“I would like to thank you for your support of myself and my fellow soldiers. I take great pride in doing what I do and I love the respect that I get when I wear my uniform. When we have people like yourself and your family back home in the states writing us letters and sending us packages, it really helps keep up our morale and let time pass by!” (SGT Adam)

“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It’s wonderful to know that we are not forgotten back in the states. We appreciate everything that you do for us. God works in many different ways. I felt blessed to receive your gift. I will enjoy reading your book.” (M. Park)