Monday, March 9, 2009

Supporting the Troops

SupportTheTroops  According to the Vedic system, a properly functioning society requires the cooperation between the four varnas, or social divisions. These divisions are broken up by qualities naturally found in people.

One of these groups is the kshatriya, or warrior class of people. The primary duty of a kshatriya is to provide protection to the other groups of society; the brahmanas (priests), vaishyas (merchants), and shudras (laborers). Kshatriyas need to be brave, courageous, and possess the utmost character to properly execute justice fairly and equally. The United States military is the modern day representation of kshatriyas. They voluntarily put their lives at risk every day simply for the sake of others. They carry out their duties with grace, humility, and focus. They perform their tasks in very difficult conditions and they ask nothing in return.

CIMG0057Krishna’s Mercy is dedicated to supporting our troops by sending them Krishna Care Packages. The main item in these care packages is Krishna prasadam cookies. Prasadam is sacred food that has first been offered to Lord Krishna and it is considered very auspicious for anyone who eats it. Krishna’s Mercy also includes books about Krishna in the care packages. We hope that this small token of our appreciation will go a long way in boosting the morale of the troops. Lord Krishna is the intimate friend and well wisher of everyone, so we hope these packages will help our brave men and women connect with Him and make their mission successful.


Krishna’s Mercy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving the gift of Krishna.

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